Parks & Recreation

The Village owns two pavilions: one on the North Bank of the Erie Canal and a second within the Fairport Junction Parking Lot.  Use of the facility is managed by the Village Clerk at the direction of the Board of Trustees.  The pavilion is open to the public, however it may be rented for private events such as weddings, 5K runs, etc.  Rental of the gazebo does not restrict access to other areas within the canal walkway.  To reserve the pavilion contact the Village Clerk's Office.

Kennelley Park & Gazebo
Vincent G. Kennelley Park is named in recognition of the many contributions to the Village by former Mayor Kennelley who died while in office on February 6, 1989.

The park and  the gazebo are property of the Village of Fairport.  The park is open to the public.  Use of the park is managed by the Village Clerk at the direction of  the Board of Trustees.  The gazebo is frequently rented for private events such as weddings and does not restrict access to other areas within the park.  To reserve the gazebo contact the Village Clerk's Office:

Village Clerk-Treasurer, Megan Anderson

Overnight Docking Policy

The following rules and fees apply to overnight docking:

  • Register with dock master and advance pay posted fee for planned length of stay. 
  • Provide dock master with telephone number, in case of emergency.
  • Stays may be limited to up to 14 days on the SOUTH side of the canal, depending upon availability of space.
  • Boats may not be locked to any dock area.
  • Long-term stay boaters (15 days or longer) must dock on the NORTH side of the canal or WEST of the Main Street bridge, depending upon availability of space.
  • Boats may be moved at the dock masters’ discretion.
  • The Village of Fairport is not responsible for the security of any boats or personal possessions.
  • Please be considerate of others by minimizing late-night noise, disposing of trash in nearby receptacles, and respecting others’ property.
  • By docking in Fairport, you agree to adhere to the rules, as enforced by the dock masters or Fairport Police Department.
Fairport dock masters are here to help boaters by providing information, directions, canal maps and other assistance as needed.

Dock masters are on duty daily; generally from 4 to 7 p.m. 

Fairport Overnight Docking Fees:
Fees include use of pump out, restrooms, showers, as well as water and electric service.