Peddlers, Solicitors, and Canvassers

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The Village of Fairport Peddling and Soliciting Policy is governed by Chapter 358 of the Village Code known as "Peddlers, Solicitors and Canvassers". This permit is needed to sell, or to offer for sale for immediate delivery, any goods, including but not limited to food, wares or merchandise, within the Village of Fairport.

Applying for a Peddlers Permit
  • Return a completed signed Peddlers - Solicitors-Canvassers Application to the Clerk-Treasurer's Office
  • Include two (2) photographs showing head and shoulders of the applicant taken within 60 days prior to filing application
  • Upon receipt of the application and photographs, the Village Clerk will refer to the Fairport Chief of Police for an investigation of the applicant including a check of the applicant's record of convictions of criminal law and municipal ordinances
  • Within five (5) days from receipt of the application, the Chief of Police shall return to the Village Clerk a written recommendation as to whether or not a permit should be issued
  •  If approved, the applicant will be notified and required to pay the applicable fee
  • After payment is received, the permit will be issued
Active Peddlers
  • Permits MUST be in possession of every peddler or solicitor at all times when peddling or soliciting and shall be displayed upon request by any person.
  • Current Active Peddlers-Solicitors-Canvassers
    • Citizens Campaign for the Environment
    • Ice Cream Factory @ Towpath

The current fee for a Peddlers Permit is $100.00