Our Partners

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The APPA is a partner in promoting public power and providing education, collaboration and joint advocacy.  The APPA provides other tangible services such as the eReliability Tracker which is a web based application providing utilities with reliability data analysis.


NYPA allocates a certain amount of  power to 47 municipal and 4 rural cooperative electric systems around the state, in addition to their other customers. The New York Power Authority is America’s largest state power organization.  Established in 1931 by Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, the NYPA operates 16 generating facilities and maintains more 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines.


Fairport Electric teams with 40 other NYS municipal utilities to collectively solve problems, share knowledge and assist one another.  The MEUA is the organization that brings us all together. The MEUA is operated for the benefit of all members and does not engage in business for profit

When we exceed the allotted amount of hydropower from NYPA, we go to the energy markets and purchase supplemental power to meet our needs.

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Supplemental power is more expensive than NYPA allocated hydropower.  In an effort to limit the amount of supplemental power purchased, Fairport Electric teams with organizations such as IEEP to study and implement effective energy conservation measures. 

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Fairport Electric does not own or operate generation or transmission facilities.  We are a distribution utility.