Receive Notifications from Fairport Electric

Fairport Electric uses Everbridge Resident Alerts to communicate with citizens and businesses within the franchise. 

Residents are encouraged  to register and sign up for notifications and alerts. Notifications may include tree trimming and other planned maintenance work at or near your home/business.

Click on the “Sign Up” button to add your information to this system. Once you have created an account you’ll also be presented with various alert subscriptions for the Village to sign up for, one of which will be Fairport Electric Alerts. 

        everbridge button         or             log-in button evbrdg

You can also download the Everbridge App on the Apple and Google Play Stores. After the App is downloaded you will need to use the search term "Village of Fairport" in order to see alerts on the App. 
apple store button google app button

 Note: Fairport will never share or distribute your personal information, unless required to do so by law. Additionally, Fairport will never use your information for any purpose other than to send  notifications or information pertaining to Fairport.