Underground Cable Injection

Fairport Electric crews and their contractor work every year to maintain the underground electric system. The work allows Fairport Electric to perform maintenance on their distribution lines to ensure safe and reliable service in the future. All employees drive marked vehicles, wear uniforms, and carry photo identification.


All work is done near the existing transformer boxes near the edge of the
road. Work will involve trimming and/or removal of landscape items for access to existing pad mount transformers so existing underground electric conductors can be maintained to lessen the likelihood of outages in the future.

Excavation work may be needed in places to locate existing cables so repairs can be made. Before any excavation work is started, a representative from Fairport Electric or Novinium Inc. will communicate with the property owner on the scope of work along with being provided contact information for this excavation work.

Work normally consists of a total of three or four short interruptions of power. The majority of these short interruptions will last less than ten minutes but some customers could have one outage that could last up to 3 hours. These interruptions will take place between the hours of 8:00AM and 4:00PM as the crews work on the existing underground conductors in each neighborhood. Fairport Electric regrets any inconvenience these short power outages may cause our customers but they are necessary to safely perform the work required.

Check out the Village of Fairport Facebook page for updates on when this work will be done each year. 

Also, as a Fairport Electric customer, you can sign up to be notified about this work in your area through our Everbridge notification system. The blue lines on the reliability projects map represent underground wire that we will be working on this year as part of our annual underground injection program.