Fairport Fire Department


John Overacker
Fire Chief
Serving you since 1877

The dedicated volunteers of the Fairport Fire Department operate fire, rescue, and emergency medical units 24 hours a day, working out of two strategically located stations. Our district is approximately 15 square miles and protects the village of Fairport and a large portion of the Town of Perinton. The district is bisected by the Erie Canal and the CSX mainline railroad. Because of the busy railroad crossings and the canal lift bridge on Main Street, Station 1 is located to the south at 27 East Church Street and Station 2 sits to the north located at 1105 East Whitney Road. Station 1 houses two engines, one quint/aerial, one heavy rescue and one EMS squad. Station 2 houses two engines and one EMS squad. The department consists of just over 80 members, more than a 40 of which are active fire fighters protecting the lives and property of over 30,000 residents.

In the event of a fire emergency in the winter, can firefighter's easily access the fire hydrant in your yard.
Please help us help you, make sure you maintain a path around your hydrant to allow us quick access.

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