Collectively Composting

Download Composting Help Sheet (pdf)
**This Program is exclusively for Village Residents** 
Important UPDATE:  Biodegradable and Compostable Bags are NOW ACCEPTED with this program.


Benefits of Composting (Video)
with Deputy Mayor Matt Brown

Video Composting How To
Composting - How To  (Video)
with Trustee Emily Mischler

Environmentally Sustainable Initiatives in Fairport
Fairport Sustainability Initiatives (Video)
with Mayor Julie Domaratz

What is Composting?

Composting is the practice of separating organic waste (food waste and more) from regular landfill bound household garbage so that it can be processed into a nutrient rich material (compost) that can improve soil quality. After preparing or enjoying a meal, leftover food scraps from your meal can be placed into your composting bin.

** By separating your food scraps at home, you are helping to send less waste to the landfill helping to  promote a less smelly landfill, reduce tipping fees incurred by dumping waste in the landfill...and most our community work towards a cleaner and healthier environment.

Beginning Tuesday, October 12th, there will be two drop-off locations to dump your compost.

  • Location 1: The Potter Park parking lot located at the corner of Potter Place and W. Church St.
  • Location 2: The DPW parking lot located at 22 Water St.
  • A free composting bucket with lid will be provided to the first 250 participants. You may pick one up in the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office located in Village Hall.
  • Download the Collectively Composting help sheet here.