Comprehensive Plan Update 2021 & Resources

The Village of Fairport 2021 Adopted Comprehensive Plan 

Additional Documentation

2012 Comprehensive Plan
2007 Comprehensive Plan
2010 Sustainability Plan

Learning Resources
Videos and documents that share information useful in the planning process for your community.

The Principles of Beautiful & Livable Cities: Mayor Joseph Riley
Principles of Livable Cities Video
Mayor Joseph Riley Jr. was first elected mayor of Charleston, S.C., in December 1975 and spent 40 years in office. Riley led a city government with an impressive record of innovation in public safety, housing, arts and culture, children’s issues, the creation of park and other public spaces, and economic revitalization and development. Charleston is recognized as one of the most livable and progressive cities in the United States.
Issues: Leadership; Human Scale; Historic Preservation; Affordable Housing

Four Generations: Doug Farr
4 Generations Video

The timeline of climate change is long, but our time to act is short. Even the best-intentioned sustainable building rating systems barely make a dent in reducing the emissions that are leading to an increasingly warmer, less-predictable planet. Moreover, humans are ill-equipped for the long-term and collective thinking required for meaningful climate change action. Doug Farr examines the powerful cultural forces of recent history that have successful influenced societies’ behaviors for the better and expands on the themes from his forthcoming book, Sustainable Nation—laying out a path forward for a sustainable nation in four generations.
Issues: Sustainability; Climate Change; Urbanism; Density; Walkability; Health; Patience

Bring Back Main Street w/ Small Scale Manufacturing: Ilana Preuss


The general theory of walkability | Jeff Speck | TEDxMidAtlantic

ABCs of Accessory Dwelling Units