Clerk-Treasurer's Office

Megan A. Cook, CPA
Village Clerk-Treasurer

Christine Parsons

Christine Parsons
Accounts Payable Clerk

2024-2025 Adopted Budget
Budget Front Cover-Adopted


The Village Clerk-Treasurer's Office  performs duties that support both employees and Village residents.  As a supportive role for employees, the Village Clerk-Treasurer's Office administers workers' compensation claims, benefits, and payroll.  Preparation of the Village Board agendas and minutes are completed by the Village Clerk-Treasurer's Office, plus any other functions necessary to support the Village Manager, Mayor and Village Trustees. Peddling permits, FOIL requests and reservations for Village Properties is also handled in the Clerk-Treasurer's Office.

The Village Clerk-Treasurer is the Chief Fiscal Officer to the Village and is responsible for Village matters with a fiscal implication including monthly and annual financial reporting, bank reconciliations, billing, accounts payable, and assisting the Village Manager in the annual Budget Preparation.

Items Handled by the Village Clerk-Treasurer's Office

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What items are managed by the Town of Perinton Clerk's Office ? 

  • Property Assessments
  • Dog Licenses
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Payment of Town and County Property Taxes
  • ADA Parking Permits outside of Village Boundaries
  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses
  • Passports
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